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The Kindness Seed - eBook

The Kindness Seed - eBook

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Follow Anna on an adventure of generosity and courage to discover the power of kindness.

In the small town of Upton, mysterious gifts float down from the sky to the residents. Anna, a brave and determined young girl of the town, sees the potential of the gift and believes it could be used to bring joy to her community. But her family disagrees and wants to keep the gift for themselves.

With the stakes so high, can Anna find a way to do what she believes is right? Will her plan to share with Upton be successful? Join Anna on her journey to discover the power of kindness and generosity.

Readers who enjoyed Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller will be delighted by this captivating story of generosity and hope. Find out what Anna will do with this opportunity to be kind.

What would you do with such an opportunity? Would you be kind ♥ and share your gift?

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