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Kara Mullane Author

Great Explorers - Paperback

Great Explorers - Paperback

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Award Winner - The Golden Wizard Book Prize 2023!
Do you want to teach your child the love of science and nature?

In today’s world full of screens, kids are less and less likely to be pulled to the wonders of exploring all nature has to offer. As a parent, grandparent, or teacher, you can give your little ones the ultimate gift of the love of nature by reading to them Great Explorers.

Emmi and friends observe nature through sights and sounds they find in their backyards.

Science and Nature meet in this outdoor adventure for ages 3 to 6

Science terms expand this charming book into an easy to understand introduction to science. Girls and boys will want to make the play binoculars and head outside to see what they can find.

This engaging book teaches about using your senses to explore your world.

#1 New Release - for Kindle in Children’s Flower & Plant Books (December 2022)

Book Extras:

◆ Science terminology introduced and integrated

◆ Find creatures hidden in the book

◆ Join in the expedition fun discovery page

◆ Coloring page of Emmi

◆ Make play paper binoculars with a step by step guide

◆ Parent and Teacher suggested reading guide

◆ Links to free downloadable coloring pages

◆ Links to free log book page to make your own observation log book

You'll definitely want to share this outdoor adventure book with your own little one or your class!

Book #1 in the Emmi's World series

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